1. bucharestlove:

    "Atentie, se inchid usile" 

    photo by: Daydreamerro

  2. (Source: ghetto-hijinx)

  3. riluri:

    11.1.2014 went on a walk today. the sky was cotton candy and the air smelled like every other spring that used to give me hope. 

  4. alexmuntean:

    Home sweet home #53 - Dacia Sport. Bucharest, Romania, 2013. Alex Muntean

  6. alexmuntean:

    Home sweet home #12. Dambovicioara, Romania, 2013. Alex Muntean

  7. firimituri:

    erupe cozonacul

  8. firimituri:

    Le-am sidefat. Nu credeau ele vreodata ca vor fi niste oua asa pitzi


  10. when you`re at the unirii subway station during rush hour